Got notified about Team Fortress 2 by a dear friend of mine, I found the game amusing and there for i paid for the Orange Box.
I soon discovered the custom maps aspect of the universe, and thats what got me curious about making maps myself.




Released my first official map the_swimmingpool
This death match map is not very good, nor special. But still people on the most popular Danish server back then found it quite amusing.
This really got my creative interest going, that is what have driven me to spend hours and hours on the web, googling for tutorial videos and hammer editor instructions.
Before the map release, I ofcourse also have used alot of time trying to figure out hammer and the associated programs.



2010 – 2013closeimage

Not alot happened, over and over I managed to create several non public maps, which only I tested myself. Due to alot of fatal errors and rookie mistakes, the maps with their current layout would simply never be acceptable or playable.
(Ex. Vercetti Estate)



First time I got the idea of making a map with several interactive elements, things that regular players can control, change or modify.

I thought alot about the theme of the map, and finally concluded the perfect “realistic” theme would be a museum which  allowed most of the elements to appear  kind of natural, like they were supposed to be there. The project started in September and got released for the first time in January 2015.

Since then several beta versions of the map have been released in order to eliminate several bugs, and make improvements ofcourse. My server will always run the latest version of the map(s) in order to keep the development on going.



Released the first official beta version of the map dm_museum, and managed to create a small Danish community on the server, which is developing with the map.

I also created a YouTube channel and even a facebook page for people to investigate at will.